The Souk Medina

April 4, 2010

Today I bring you to North Africa, and especially Morocco. Let’s talk about couscous!

The Souk Medina is located in Covent Garden, near Neal’s St. I’m used to have lunch there about one Sunday per month with a friend of mine.

I can talk about the chicken couscous only as we never change – what a shame I know!! We usually start with humus and warm pita bread to share. This humus is fresh and really good. After that comes the couscous – the grain is served in a tajine with chicken and vegetables. A small bowl of vegetables sauce is served on the side. The grain is nice and the chicken is usually well cooked.

Portions don’t seem to be huge or even a bit disappointing at first sight – but I can assure you that after this couscous, you’re just… full.

You can be sure to spend a good time as the place is calm and relaxing. Softened lights and oriental music welcome you. It’s composed of several spaces: the main room is mostly used for the restaurant whereas a smaller room upstairs is used as casual bar or tea room. Maybe there is another room somewhere, but I’ve seen only those two ones 😀

You are comfortably sitting down a nice bench from where we generally don’t arrive to move with my friend as it’s too comfy! We can stay there talking for hours even if we’ve got 366 things to do… who cares! we’re feeling good there!

Also the service is nice and helpful.

/!\ We noticed that the quality of the couscous is not always the same and can be sometimes not quite as good. There are probably several chefs… It remains really good anyway!

The bill:

  • humus – £4.95 (to share!)
  • chicken couscous – £12.95

It’s not that expensive when you spend at least 2 hours well seated on the bench.

I went there today with another friend who is used to cook couscous. He had a couscous royal (lamb, chicken, merguez) and enjoyed it but was obviously less excited than my other friend as he could compare with his own cooking…

> Tip: Belly dancing show every Saturday night!

> Verdict: Nothing exceptional, but just a good couscous place where you can have a good time.

Infos: Souk Medina – 1a Shorts Gardens, London, WC2H 9NJ – 02072401796 – Covent Garden station

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