Buddha bar

April 26, 2010

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha

We did.
Two weeks ago some friends of mine organized a nice diner at the Buddha Bar to celebrate my birthday.
I had already been there once for a drink and I had really enjoyed the place. So we came back to test this contemporary Asian food in a soft atmosphere.

The Buddha bar is situated under the Waterloo Bridge which provides a secret and “underground” side that I kinda like 🙂
You can have a drink in the mezzanine or diner in the main room.
A big Buddha overhangs the dining room and is watching you while you’re eating your £4-sushis. Softened lights and lounge music (from Buddha Bar compilations) create an intimate atmosphere, though most of tables are 6-8 people tables. There are off-centre tables on the side if you need more privacy. It’s also possible to privatize some areas if needed. The space is well decorated and trendy. Better to come classy dressed.

Food wise, you’ll have choice between ~£60 menus and à la carte dishes. Main courses go from £10 to £60!!
I had spice grilled chicken with rice and some makis. Other friends went for a “sushi only” diner.
We can’t deny it, the food was really good and sushis/makis fresh as expected.
But does it worth £4/piece for sushis and at least £20/main course? Not convinced.

We waited for the dessert with impatience as my friends had ordered a chocolate birthday cake. Unfortunately, the order hadn’t been correctly understood and no cake was ready for us. Great. After a quick chat with a manager, he agreed to bring a dessert platter to replace the cake missing. “Ok”.
But he charged it!!! Unbelievable! When we negotiated with him, he suggested to remove the tip from the bill to reduce it!!! I couldn’t believe it. They had made all the mistakes and he still wanted to charge us for that! No sense of service, no commercial gesture. In brief, the end of the evening has been quite annoying and disappointing because of this rude behaviour and lack of professionalism.
The rest of the staff was nice, but the waitress was a bit too present: each time one of us was putting one’s napkin somewhere else than on lap, the waitress had to come over and fold it properly. Stressful!

> Verdict: Hard to put this mark E3 as I really like this place in spite of the price. But obviously we can say it’s a bit too expensive compared to what you’re eating. And the staff (at least managers) seem to be a bit too over-the-top!
I went to the Buddha Bar Paris, and I remember it wasn’t that much…

Infos: Buddha Bar, 8 Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2AB – 020 3371 7777 – Embankment, Temple or Waterloo stations

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