Ping Pong

April 28, 2010

Ping PongTwo bats a ball? No. Chopsticks and Dim Sum. Yes!
Dim Sum is the name of a Chinese cuisine. It’s usually composed of small portions served in steamer basket or small plate.

How does it work at Ping Pong?

  • If you have to wait for a table when you arrive, you’ll be given a bleep and invited to seat at the bar. Please yourself, cocktails are good 🙂
  • Once you’re well set up, make your own selection of dishes among steamed buns, nibbles and soups, sticky rice parcels etc. You can easily choose 3 or 4 dishes for a normal appetite.
    I always go for the vegetable bun (n°25, £4) and the vegetarian sticky rice parcel (n°38, £4). Last time I tested the spinach and mushroom dumpling (n°15), really good as well. I can also recommend the crispy prawn balls (n°31), quite unusual and not really EASY to eat! But nice anyway.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, write it down by filling in the list of dishes with the quantity you want for each of them.

This is it!
The food is coming quite quickly and is very fresh as hand made.

I’m used to go to the one located near Carnaby Street. You can have a drink and eat at the bar on the ground floor, or sit down at table downstairs. That’s a nice place to be with a bunch of friends as there are big round tables. The staff is really nice and the music usually between house and lounge fits perfectly with the atmosphere. I can’t talk about other addresses as I’ve not tested any but that one.

If you feel hungry but don’t want big courses like pizzas or dishes with sauce, change for once! Don’t go for traditional sushis and try out Ping Pong!
It’s easy and quick to eat, but not a fast food at all.

> Verdict: E5 – great idea if you fancy a dim sum 🙂 stylish – all day – affordable.

Infos: Ping Pong – 45 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7JL – 020 7851 6969 – Oxford Circus station – open Mon-Sat 12pm-12am, Sun 12pm-10:30 pm

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