La Petite Auberge

May 28, 2010

“Douce France,
Cher pays de mon enfance,
Bercée de tendre insouciance,
Je t’ai gardée dans mon coeur”

Indeed, I kept my lovely country in my heart and sometimes I need to eat gooooood French cuisine. In this case: La Petite Auberge.

You are welcome by a nice staff (most of them are French) in a small restaurant with a mezzanine. Located in the bohemian area of Angel, La Petite Auberge fulfils the conditions to enjoy a good meal: cosy place decorated with plenty of random objects and paintings which give it a certain charm and a rustic look, a smiling staff and above all a great cuisine. Special mention to the red checked tablecloths.

A bunch of my friends were used to go there quite often last year and their favorite choice was the crepe au chocolat with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. But if I remember correctly, this ice-cream is not the same anymore…… Forget it.
As main dishes, I heartily recommend the steak au poivre and the filet de saumon sur lit d’epinards (salmon fillet with spinach).
Two days ago, a friend also tested the starter “goat cheese and asparagus” as main, and it seemed to be really good. The other one went for the vegetarian moussaka which was quite good as well 🙂

Some tables are available outside. Avoid the table on the ground floor next to the stairs as you’ll be disturbed all the time by people coming in and out.

Plates are well-served and prices align with the area’s practices.
Count around £4 for starters, about £10 for main courses and £5 for desserts. Light lunch menu available between 12noon until 6pm.
The place offers a Sunday roast I never tried out. If you did, please shout!

Don’t go if you’re looking for a very fine cuisine, it’s not a classy gourmet restaurant but rather a good address to go with family or a bunch of friends.

> Verdict: for this little bistro with a lovely atmosphere.

Infos: La Petite Auberge – 283 Upper Street, London, N1 2TZ – 020 7359 1046 – Angel or Highbury & Islington stations – daily 11am-11.30pm

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