Fig & Olive

May 31, 2010

Nothing to say except 2 words: Mashed Potato.

You can go there for their great cakes buffet, great salad buffet, great bread and butter. But please PLEASE, don’t miss the MASHED POTATO! Simple, smoothy, tasty. Just good.
Last year, a couple of friends were going there only to order mashed potato. That’s all. Isn’t it amazing? Going to a restaurant, having just a mashed potato, enjoying it and leaving with a smile upon your face 🙂 What a good life!!!

Ok, I could talk about the goat cheese and asparagus starter which is good, the risotto to avoid or even the vegetable moussaka which is nice but not as much as the one of La Petite Auberge. Actually it’s often hard to choose as all the plates you see around you look really good! Even mussels and salmon! The menu is simple and varied at the same time. Remember: mashed potato.
The good bread they give you while you’re waiting your course is different each time and comes with butter. But note that if you ask for more, you’ll have to pay for it!

The place isn’t huge so I don’t advise to come with a big group of people – however there’s a long table in the back under a bay-window where you can enjoy a good meal with friends or family – quite cosy and pleasant. Ma-shed

I like this place because you can go whenever you want to catch a bite and you can be sure to have something nice (except the risotto!). I recommend the salad counter as it’s very fresh. I guess it’s the same for the cakes buffet though I haven’t tried it out yet. I definitely should. People can easily come for a cup of tea and cake as well. P-o-t-a-t-o

Located in Angel among a lot of other restaurants, I suggest you to try it out on the go, for example after a movie at VUE Islington, or before a good walk.
Prices are reasonable – like ~£4/starter, ~£7/main course and ~£4/dessert.

> Verdict: for a good food in a place where the decor is cool but maybe a bit cold. The staff is welcoming and I liked the lounge music in the evening. May the mashed potato be with you.

Infos: Fig & Olive – 151 Upper Street, London, N1 1RA – 020 7354 2605 – Angel or Highbury & Islington stations – open from 12pm to 11pm

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