Italian Kitchen

June 5, 2010

Sunny London, here we are! Finally! 🙂
And to celebrate, I won’t talk about fresh salads, blended fruit juices or ice-creams… I CAN’T! I bet with a friend I wouldn’t eat any sweets or junk food for a month. One week and a half left. I’m gonna win even if it’s painful!
After that, I’ll be able to talk about all the best ice-creams in London. But at the moment, I enjoy salted dished.

And today, we’re going to Italia and its wonderful delights!
Still in Central London – was tired that day and went to the closest – Italian Kitchen is a small restaurant which doesn’t look anything special from outside… but inside…

Just as you come in, an (italian) polite and smiling waitress/waiter welcomes you in this casual and low lighting place. Perfect for a romantic dinner actually. You can come with family or friends, but there are no big tables, so I wouldn’t recommend it for groups.

I tried pasta which are really good – especially lasagna (very well-served, you need to be hungry for that! heavy!). You can go for a pizza as well, you won’t be disappointed as the paste is thin as I like.

The first time I went there was with my parents. We had the “2 courses £7.95” offer. We really enjoyed it, especially the Minestrone soup which was delicious – pasta were good – and actually I don’t really remember the tiramisu, I must try it out again (in 2 weeks then!).

Last time I went with some friends, one of us had the Fiorentina pizza (young leaf spinach, anchovies, caramelized red onions, goats cheese) – it seemed a bit weird as we’re not used to see a pizza without tomato sauce 😀 but tasty anyway. Another one had really good raviolis – you can go for it, but the portion can be a bit small depending on people. If you want a good portion, you can go for the scaloppine alla milanese – yummy!

About the bill, count around £7 for antipasti, between £8 and £13 for main courses (pizza ~£9, pasta ~£10) and desserts for £5. Reasonable for a West End spot.

By the way, don’t hesitate to take some bread as well – as a side, that’s a good choice.
Usually the waiter will grate parmesan cheese on your plate as long as you want haha – SUCH A PLEASURE

> Verdict: for this little gem where you can go with your beloved or for example as a pre-theatre dinner. I really like the atmosphere tinted of a traditional home cooking spirit.

> Tips:

  • 2 courses £7.95 offer available everyday 12pm-7pm
  • 2 for 1: main courses and a glass of wine offer available Mon-Thu and Sun 12pm-10.30pm

Infos: Italian Kitchen – 43 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BH – 020 7836 1011 – Holborn or Tottenham Courtroad stations – open everyday 12pm-11pm

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