July 4, 2010

I was a bit too optimistic in my last post when I claimed “Sunny London” – the good weather took ages to settle down… we waited for it, and we can now ENJOY IT! That’s what I’ve done these last days, especially in parks and terrasses.
Ev is precisely the type of place where you can relax and have a good time: tables outside, turkish delights, reasonable prices.

You come with some friends, your beloved or even a colleague, choose a formula (up to 8 “salads”) functions of your appetite – a smiling waiter (even if the till is often overwhelmed at lunch time – weirdly the waitresses don’t smile) adds a piece of homemade bread on your tray, then grab a fork and have a sit on the terrace under a tree. What else?
Yesterday I just sat there for 3 hours at least with a friend of mine, eating, chatting, enjoying the heat.

I went for 3 “salads”: vine leaves, lentil rice and humus. Yummyyy
I’ve got to say it’s not the best vine leaves I ever tried, but they were ok anyway. But you also have the choice among pasta salads, yoghurt and spinach, falafels, some grills, etc.
Go for a freshly squizzed orange juice – exquisite!

I haven’t tested any dessert as they didn’t look very appetizing to me. But my friend had a marble cake, which was a bit dry and filled with some jam… not my cup of tea, I’m a purist.

Actually you can also sit inside where there is much room with long tables. Good atmosphere everywhere.

££ Prices overview ££
2 salads: £2.20
3 salads: £3.45
orange juice: £2

> Verdict: This is a charming place in an area which isn’t that nice – good surprise then. And v good price/quality ratio.
Next door you’ve got the same brand but as a proper restaurant, i.e. with waiters, table menus and tableclothes. Quite more expensive. I definitely prefer the relax option 🙂

> Tips: You can buy turkish products as well like biscuits, cheese etc.

Infos: Ev Bar – The Arches 97-99 Isabella St, London, SE1 8DA – 020 7620 6191 – Southwark station – open Mon-Fri 7.30am-10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-8pm

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