The Green

September 16, 2010

Yesterday evening I was supposed to attend a geeky event around Farringdon with a friend of mine. Unfortunately there was such a big queue when we arrived that we would have to wait for an hour to get in. So we just gave it up.
Instead we looked for a good place to tickle our taste buds and picked randomly The Green which seemed to be more lively and busy than other spots in the area.

It was around 7pm and people were sitting outside over a beer, chatting and laughing. Good atmosphere 🙂
As usual the dinner room is upstairs. It was empty at that time, but became suddenly full from 7.30pm!
Although the menu looked very British to me, it sounded quite odd at the same time with for instance “chicken liver parfait with figs and toast” or “pan fried fillet of hake, bacon, salsify, broccoli and hollandaise”. British cuisine is odd anyway! I went for an haddock fillet and potato omelette whereas my fellow pitched on a roast beef and mashed potatoes. We also ordered a portion of fries to share, just in case. 😀

We’ve been quite amazed to get bread and butter while waiting! And not basic bread, but diverse ones such as wholemeal bread, white bread, raisin bread and poppy-seeds bread! Ok it wasn’t like Pain Quotidien, but still, we didn’t expect that in a pub, without asking anything.
The meat was well cooked and my friend enjoyed it. I liked the way it was served on a wooden board.
My dish was good as well though I didn’t expect that! I thought I’d get an haddock fillet on a side and an omelette on the other. Instead I got a small hot pan containing the haddock-potato omelette. Surprising! Even if it was a bit fat and I’m not used to that anymore, it was good to eat such a greasy meal with fries haha.

We enjoyed the surroundings as well as it looked different from usual pubs. It includes different styles of tables and chairs, everything made of wood.
The lady who served us was really nice and welcoming. And she wore a delicious musk perfume!

About the price, I didn’t find it incredibly expensive. About £5 for my dish as it was a starter, and £12 for the beef. Ok maybe the beef was a bit overpriced. £3 for the skinny fries.

> Tips: apparently you can hire the space for business events as well as for weddings. Outside catering available.

> Verdict: good to find a nice pub with nice atmosphere in this area which I don’t know that much. You can go for it without being disappointed. Finally I’m sure we spent a better evening in this pub than at the geeky event!

Infos: the Green – 29 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU – 020 7490 8010 – Farringdon station – open Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm

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