September 4, 2011

I was missing fish!
And I wanted to catch up with my friend as we’ve not seen each other often lately.
So after some Googling, we picked up that place to try out last Friday eve.

Why fish!?

  • because we wanted something new
  • because we wanted something not too expensive
  • because it is next to Borough Market so we could expect quite a good fish (maybe)
Only good reasons as you can see. And we can say it was as expected.
The outdoor area was very busy as it was a warm evening FOR ONCE IN LONDON.

The only bad point about being outside was the noisy tube we could hear as a continuous background sound. You get used to it of course, but it’s a bit disturbing at the beginning.
Here is an overview of the menu:

I went for steamed sea bream with herb and garlic butter, served with vegetables and mashed potato.
And the result was quite good actually! I wasn’t expecting something spectacular, just a simple fresh meal – and I’ve been pleased by that.
I recommend to make your own selection: pick your favourite fish, a sauce and some side orders. That’s definitely better than having predefined course, as did my dear friend…
He realised afterwards that what he ordered was a simple cod fish and chips with mushy peas.
Well it’s traditional and it wasn’t bad. But to me, fish and chips should stick to pubs! If you go to a fish place, then have something a bit more “exotic” 🙂
At least the quantity was there.

Oh and we shared a prawn cocktail as a starter. You can pass on that one, nothing special. Prawns lie down a bed of salad and are topped by the usual creamy prawn sauce – kind of mayonnaise – of which I’m not a big fan.

> Verdict: As you can see on the menu, prices are quite fair – maybe a bit overpriced for dishes such as fish and chips and some starters. But I’d say it’s a good place to go if you’re around. Also they’re doing take away almost everyday, especially on market days (Thu/Fri/Sat).

If you’ve never been to Borough Market, that’s a good occasion to try. This market is full of delicious things and very nice to walk through. I particularly enjoy testing various cheeses and eating on the go either veggie burgers, just-made gnocchi (only on Thu/Fri) or libanese hummus, plus a portion of blueberries for a fresh touch. Don’t forget to step by the milk shop to grab a “Crème caramel” or an amazing aerial chocolate mousse. Yummmyyyyyyy

Infos: Fish! – Cathedral Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AL – 020 7407 3803 – London Bridge station – open Mon-Thur 11.30am-11pm, Fri-Sat midday-11pm, Sun midday-10.30pm

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