September 24, 2011

Peace, Love & Ice Cream.

This is my message of the day. This is actually my everyday motto. Because life is always better with an ice cream, even if the sun isn’t out there.
And this time I decided to change my habits and try something new – again!

Yes, after DriDri – that was already a GREAT surprise, and different than my local (Scoop) – I went to Gelatorino, highly recommended by a colleague of mine.
Yes, “real Italian Gelateria” mushroomed everywhere in London this summer. But I’ve got to say until now it’s been a faultless round!

Here at Gelatorino, ice-creams are made by the gelatai with the artisanal machines sitting next to the counter. Apparently you can even ask what’s in and maybe sample a freshly made flavour.
Ice-creams are hidden beneath steel lids (“pozzetti”) to keep them fresh and top quality – I kinda like to see what the flavour I order looks like, but pozzetti are for the good of the texture so… can’t complain.
Flavours are varied – more ice creams available than sorbets though – and here are my favourites heartily recommended:

  • Hazelnut
  • Gianduja – chocolate and hazelnut speciality from Torino
  • Breakfast in Turin – coffee with choc chips

Pistachio and Nougat are very good too. I didn’t like Zabaglione though (based on the traditional italian Marsala recipe), weird taste.
I haven’t tried any sorbet, but my dear sidekick – GELATI LOVER as well – found them very tasty, so I think we can trust her 🙂
Next time I should give Dark Chocolate sorbet a go to compare with DriDri’s one that I like so much. Actually talking about DriDri, I’d say it’s quite comparable. However if you want to feel the real pure taste of a raw material such as hazelnut, maybe DriDri would be more authentic and lighter, whereas Gelatorino is slightly more sweet and creamy (but not too much, just as it should be). In both cases you can feel from taste that ingredients are very good quality.

On top of that, the special touch resides for sure in the extra dollop of Gianduja chocolate! That’s just deliciously delicious! Don’t wait too long, ice-cream melts down very quickly while the melted Gianduja gets frozen even more quickly.

The chef Alberto Marchetti is a multiple prize-winning gelato Maestro from Turin – maybe that’s why it’s so smooth and velvety!

Located in Covent Garden, the gelateria is quite small. There are a couple of tables outside as well as in the back of the shop where a little corner called “La Bottega” has been dedicated to the exposition of products from a small range of Turin-based artisanal producers. You can find gressini, biscuits, chocolate and other nice treats.

Prices are a bit above other places where I usually go – count £3 for the small cup and about £4 for regular. Cornetto look huge.

> Tips:

  • coffee available – espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte, made the Italian way. Hot chocolate made with freshly-melted gianduja and teas are also served, as well as a range of Italian juices and soft-drinks (of which Pago and San Pellegrino lemon woohoo!).
  • “Affogato” speciality cup: a gourmet speciality-gelato with melted gianduja, fresh zabaione, a shot of espresso, fresh fruit or “panna montata” whipped cream.
  • take-away insulated boxes which keep gelato at the perfect consistency for up to an hour during transport.

> Verdict: Gosh I feel like I’m always giving high rates, but I can’t help it, that place is one more 5-star place. No matter the weather, no matter the day, winter or summer, treat yourself and go for a sweety frozen adventure at Gelatorino. You won’t regret it! (Congrats, you just gained 3kg!)

Infos: Gelatorino – 2 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5JD – 0207 240 0746 – Covent Garden station – open daily 11am-8pm Sunday to Thursday, 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday

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  1. I’ve been enjoying a lovely tour of gelato shops around the world today thanks to word press bloggers. So far, I’ve been to Florence, Sienna, Lucca, Nauplion (my own contribution!) and now, thanks to you, London. This desktop traveler is getting very hungry!

  2. Definitely one of the best (if not the best) Italian ice-cream of London!

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