Kitchen Italia – Westfield

February 21, 2012

Last Friday we wanted to go to Pizza Express (Westfield) with the team to enjoy a very good offer “buy one main, get one for £2.50”! Unfortunately this place gets very busy at lunch time, especially on Fridays… so we ended up at Kitchen Italia. I’ll make it short because it’s a very simple place and there’s not much to say.

You can find there the same setup as Wagamama, open kitchen, long tables and benches looking like a canteen.
The menu is mostly made of pasta, plus as selection of salads and some starters “to share”.
We ordered two bruschetta to share, which were quite reasonable – and especially hard to eat without getting messy!

Then some of us went for pizzas – supposed to be starters – served on a wooden board (£6 each). I’d say that’s a fair choice in terms of quantity/price ratio, but they’re getting cold very quickly so you’d better be superquick to eat your starter if you want to enjoy its last bits!

I didn’t know what to choose, so I finally opted for a classic spaghetti bolognese. To me that was a safe bet. Well I realised it wasn’t that easy to make a really good bolognese sauce! At Kitchen Italia, even classics are “ok”, if not bland. The good point is that I enjoy even more my local Italian now 🙂
Our vegan fellow tried the asparagus gnocchi (pronounced “nioqui” and not “guenoqui“!!) with roasted almonds. It looked quite good, but don’t know if it was ^^
Finally to brighten up this weekly team lunch, two of us enjoyed a strawberry Bellini and thus were able to tick one more item off their Food list.

Atmosphere-wise, this eatery is ordinary, not particularly friendly. And actually I didn’t find that the waiter who was in charge of our table (and who was probably the manager that day) was nice at all. Quite haughty and unpleasant. The service itself was a bit slow, even at lunch time on a Friday…

> Verdict: for an ok Italian restaurant. Yes portions are good and presentation is ok, with prices around £8-£10 for a main and £4 for starters, but still I probably won’t go back there. It just didn’t do it for me.

Infos: Kitchen Italia – Westfield Shopping Centre, Southern Terrace, London, W12 7GB – 020 8749 9133 – Shepherd’s Bush station – open 12pm–10pm Monday to Friday, 9am-10pm Saturday/Sunday (Breakfast 9am–11.30am)

Credits: Thanks to Aimee for her nice pics.

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One comment

  1. The asparagus gnocchi was okay, not great. I don’t think it was even vegan, actually. That’s something to say about Kitchen Italia – no clear vegan choices, and i didn’t feel in the mood for making a fuss and asking them to make something special.

    A little secret for you: i’m not really vegan! I aspire towards veganism, i avoid dairy and eggs when i can, but i give in easily. heh!

    Well at least i finally learned how to pronounce ‘gnocchi’ 😀

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