The Owl and Pussycat

March 12, 2012

I had my first SUNDAY ROAST ever in 3 years spent in London! Woohoo!

And the lucky place we chose for that was The Owl and Pussycat in Shoreditch.

That rustic British pub has all you need if you want to be proper Brit with a roast and pint for a day 🙂 The name itself already sounds like a real old fashioned pub for the Frenchie that I am.

It’s located in the lively area of Liverpool street/Shoreditch – East London – where you can find many original places to hang out. On a Sunday afternoon, the place is just good: not too busy, not too quiet, relax people – each coming with its very personal style (love it!).

Wooden tables, old peeling wallpaper on the ceiling, random frames hanging on a raw wall and some leather sofas at the back next to a chimney all contribute to build the authentic atmosphere of this pub – let’s not forget the outdoor area where you can have BBQ in summertime – what else?

Our mission was to try a proper Sunday roast and tick it off our list of things to do in London!
I went for the traditional one: lamb roast, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal veg. Apparently the meat is usually grilled outside and rare inside but… it’s not my thing. So the chef, although quite annoyed about this request, accepted to grill the inside a bit more than usual. Phew!
When the plate arrived, it was so much looking like a proper Brit meal! The presentation itself couldn’t be more British to me!
I’ve got to say that the meat was very tender and tasty. Greens and root veg were ok but I’m not a big fan of those green leaves they often put on the side (I don’t know the name of that vegetable). The hit of this meal was for me the Yorkshire pudding yummmyyyy – crispy outside, soft inside, I liked it (although mine seemed to be slightly burnt). Oh and I appreciated the fact that they didn’t fill it with gravy that I dislike so much 🙂 Horseradish cream served on the side.

Another friend chose the chicken roast and couldn’t be disappointed – it was so big! It was like half a chicken served with carrots and duck fat roast potatoes. The perfect meal for someone very hungry. She actually couldn’t finish it… but did enjoy it. The only little disappointment being she thought she would get a Yorkshire pudding too. But generous friends like us obviously shared those huge Yorkshire puddings served with lamb roast.

No dessert for us – that meal was SO rich that I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

> Verdict: for my first Sunday roast ever 🙂 I’m really happy to have tested it there as the atmosphere was perfect for this experience and the food was good. Count £15.50 for the roast striploin, £14.50 for the pork and £13.50 for the half roast chicken. A more “restaurant-like” room opens at lunch time on the 1st floor.
Why not continuing your fabulous Sunday with a walk to Columbia road and its lovely flower market?

Infos: The Owl and Pussycat – 34 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP – 020 3487 0088 – Shoreditch High Street station – downstairs bar open 12-12 Tues-Sat, 12-11 Sun & Mon, food served from midday on Sundays

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