March 15, 2012

What a naughty name for a French restaurant 🙂

I got a Groupon deal of 3 courses with Prosecco for two for £29 (instead of £81) at Coquine, so we’ve dined there with my friend a couple of days ago.

That small restaurant near Gloucester road is probably better to have a drink than to eat.
The menu is simple: salads, fillet steak, burger, sea food and a selection of sides such as French fries, mashed potato or rocket & parmesan.
I started with some hummus and pita bread, which was quite good, while my friend was enjoying “spicy patatas” i.e. potatoes dressed with a vinegar and onion vinaigrette.
Then I went for a simple steak and fries served with garlic butter. This is a safe bet, the meat is good and fried are ok.
My friend opted for a mixed grill of Lebanese inspiration, composed of prawns, shish taouk (skewered chicken) and shish kafta (lamb meatballs) served with French fries. Again, the meat was a fair choice. However £18 for that seemed widely overpriced! For that price, we could have been to a great upper-class restaurant.

To finish, we shared a chocolate marquise which is similar to a chocolate mousse, and a chocolate and raspberry tart. Big disappointment for dessert lovers! It tasted like frozen food from supermarkets, no effort has been put in the choice of desserts obviously… shame to finish on such a trivial touch.

About the place itself, it’s quite small and “intimist”, even if a more accurate word would be “cold”. They’ve tried to be original by choosing transparent chairs and lamps covered with carpet, but it’s not enough to make it a nice place to be.
Lounge music is supposed to give a trendy atmosphere but unfortunately it doesn’t really work, especially when waiters are bored and openly show it by walking back and forth next to you staring at your plate until you finish it.
The room at the back seemed to be slightly busier with some people having a drink in a softened setting, but this is definitely not the kind of place where I would enjoy spending my evening.

> Verdict: I was happy to test Coquine with a Groupon that actually gives the real value of a meal there (or quite) – £29 being far enough for what we had, while the normal price £81 would have been completely over the top. I couldn’t even recommend it for a drink, there are so many places around that seemed to be much more fun! The only thing that gave me a smile was the big bowl of sweets placed near our table. But even for that, I had to ask the waiter for 2 carambars otherwise we wouldn’t have had any I guess…

Infos: Coquine – 160 Old Brompton road, London, SW5 0BA – 020 7341 7678 – Gloucester Road station

Coquine on Urbanspoon

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