Busaba Eathai – Westfield

March 18, 2012

Last week’s team lunch was all about coconut milk, curry and noodles. We tried Busaba Eathai – Westfield and were actually well surprised. Chopsticks lovers, this place is for you!

Like most of Westfield’s restaurants, Busaba Eathai is located on the Southern terrace with some tables outside for sunny days. Unfortunately that day wasn’t hot enough to eat outside so we got a large square table for 6 inside.
The place is quite dark, furnished with large wooden tables and big softened lamps hanging above – nothing more. Some incense perfumes the entrance and welcomes you while waiting for a waiter.

It’s quite busy at lunch time, and it’s not rare to share a table with strangers. There are a couple of small tables for couples, but I don’t recommend it if you want some intimacy… we basically had to shout to talk to mates on the other side of the table! So the concept is nice but don’t expect to have a group chat because it can’t happen; you’ll more likely end up talking to your neighbours.

I liked their menus where you have a piece of text explaining all about their name and philosophy. You can learn that Busaba is a Thai flower, “eathai” is just the fusion of words “eat” and “Thai” to represent a casual dining venue offering a single course eating experience devised to feed you with minimum fuss. Their ethos is based on Buddhist values such as “not being caught up in the everyday chaos which distracts you from being able to take life as it comes and transcend reality”. That can definitely lead to lively philosophic debates!

Food wise, you could see smiles upon our faces 🙂
I went for the green curry fried rice which was well served – good portion of rice and char-grilled chicken laying in a very tasty curry sauce. I liked!

There are some vegetarian options available, such as the wok noodles “Pad Thai jay” composed of rice noodles with romanesco broccoli, tofu, courgette and other vegetables. Note that our vegan fellow took that main dish especially for the romanesco broccoli, which actually were NOT romanesco broccoli. So be careful!

You can also try some tasty soups and order sides such as Jasmine rice (£2.10), spring rolls (£3.90) or chicken-based side bits (£5.80). Extra rice is served steamed in wooden pots which gives a feeling of abundance when you’ve got a few put on the table. Some mysterious sauces are also available in case you’d like to try new experiences.
I could hear here and there compliments about the quality of the food and its flavours, and see everyone enjoying their meal – good to see people happy 🙂

I couldn’t see any dessert on the menu, but that’s fine as none of us was hungry enough for desserts after those delicious mains.

Prices are fair, aligned on others. I will definitely go back and maybe try another branch. The food made me think a bit of Wagamama but in an upper atmosphere, more chic and trendy. Google just told me that Alan Yau – founder of Busaba Eathai – has also founded Wagamama and the noodle bar Cha Cha Moon; so that likeness is now explained!

> Verdict: Tasty, simple, classy. I like. I’m sure that’s a good place to go for dinner too – perfect for an evening with a group of friends.

> Tips:

  • Note they don’t take any discount card, so don’t even try ^^
  • Take away available
  • Year round al fresco dining

> Infos: Busaba Eathai Westfield – Southern Terrace, Westfield, London, W12 7GA – 020 3249 1919 – Shepherd’s Bush station – open 12noon-11pm Monday to Saturday, 12noon-10pm Sunday

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